Keynotes & teaching

We offer thought provoking keynotes, inspiring seminars & guest lectures.

Field trips & workshops

We organise surprising field trips, immersion courses and participatory workshops so that you learn and experience how nature innovates.

Writing & research

We research and explore nature’s R&D library and translate biology into informative articles, booklets and brochures.


We study nature’s principles, patterns and designs for your innovation quests and help you operationalise these in practice.

Introducing Studio Transitio

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About Us

Studio Transitio is founded by Leen Gorissen, PhD in Biology and Transition Expert. Studio Transitio is part of an international network of talented transition, biomimicry and regeneration specialists, professionals, researchers and practitioners who collaborate in a mutualistic (win-win) way to promote and scale positive systemic change. More info can be found under bio and references. 

Rewild your innovation DNA – Renature your organisation

Spice up your creative potential and unlock untapped value to learn to thrive in a finite and ever-changing world. Exploring the time-tested innovation strategies in nature showcases how nature creates more over time, making each generation more successful than the last. Asking ‘How would nature…?’ is a powerful way of becoming part of the solution rather then being part of the problem. Innovating like nature is a potent framework to vitalize and energize hope, creativity and ingenuity in your organisation.

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“Through biomimicry, Leen has opened the eyes of our bootcamp participants to new opportunities in business and beyond. The combination of an introductory keynote and a hands-on workshop has become a core element of our programs!”

Rik Vera / CEO nexxworks

“Leen is a very passionate and engaged action researcher. Not only a great host and facilitator, but also able to combine her expertise in biology and biomimicry with the ability to stimulate social innovation and learning.”

Prof. dr. Derk Loorbach / director of the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (Drift), Erasmus University Rotterdam.

“What I most appreciate about working with Leen is her curious mind and the ease with which she crosses the boundaries between sectors, disciplines, types of knowledge. Leen is an excellent process facilitator, equally at ease with a group of engineers, at a town hall meeting or working with music festival organisers. She is confident but also attuned to the needs of people she is working with, gently teasing each person out of their comfort zone to inspire, empower and mobilise them as a group. With a background in ecology and experience in transition research, Leen has a deep understanding of both natural and societal systems and the parallels she draws between them are not only informative but also trigger the imagination, some of them stayed with me for months!”

Ania Rok / Governance and Social Innovation Coordinator ICLEI Europe.

“I would like to formally thank you for the wonderful session you delivered and animated with our Design Team in Eindhoven. The biology and nature-grounded insights you provided were very inspiring, and the whole notion of biomimicry was a discovery for many of us that will resonate. I can safely say that all of us left this session with a new look onto innovation techniques and a better way to think ‘outside’. Thank you again so much!”

Pierre-Yves Panis / Head of Design Philips

“Leen has profound knowledge of transition thinking, transformative ways of innovating & organising and experience in applying these transformative approaches to business model innovation processes.”

Prof. dr. Jan Jonker / Professor Corporate Sustainability Toulouse Business School (TBS) & Radboud University Nijmegen.

“Leen, Tamsin and Yeshua masterfully translate nature’s wisdom and genius into powerful new paradigms for the modern world. I left their one-day workshop with fresh new perspectives for what’s possible for human society and the business world. I’m currently starting a technology company and I feel empowered with powerful new lenses on organization and culture. I was also deeply impacted with their embodied approach to learning that anchored the various insights as felt experiences. These experiences continue to serve as powerful touch points as I’m building my business and designing our product. “

Chetan Nandakumar / Co-Founder Unifyre.