99.9% of innovation in nature fails. Imagine what your organisation could learn from the 0.1

Some cooperatives have been around for lightyears, thriving on this planet of limited resources, withstanding generations of change and disruption and making more with each generation.

There is a lot organisations can learn from nature to become more responsive, adaptive, creative and resilient. In a new book called Teeming, dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker zooms in on superorganisms and how they build collective intelligence, how simple rules add up to collective decision making and how distributed leadership leads to effective and adaptive superorganisations. I am happy to announce that Studio Transitio teams up with Dr Tamsin  & Systemic Innovation in April to bring bio-inspired innovation to San Francisco and Oakland.

Interested? Invite an Innovation Biologist to your boardroom table to make life’s proven successes your own.

Contact Yeshua[at]BiomimicrySF.com or go to http://www.drtamsin.com/blog/ for more info.