Leen, PhD in biology, is an Innovation Biologist, Sustainability Transitions Expert & Founder of Studio Transitio. Previously Transition Research Coordinator at VITO Belgium and currently collaborator of nexxworks and regenerators, she helps companies see that consulting nature makes business sense and guides them through transformative (business model) innovation processes. Leen is author of the book Change the world City By City – A change maker’s guide to fast forward sustainability, that will be published summer 2018.

In-the-box, there are always walls. Out-of-the-box however, there is endless creativity and infinite opportunities

Leen works with companies, governments and organisations to help them ‘think outside’ – not only out-of-the-box but also out in nature. Organisations she worked with include nexxworks, Triodos, SAS, Philips, Atlas Copco, Melotte, Climate KIC, Business Leaders, VITO, Portuguese Business Council for Sustainable development, European Commission, European Environment Agency, Swedish Environment Agency, Portuguese Environment Agency.

Tap into the real nature of innovation, to do well by doing good.

She is certified in Transition thinking, Biomimicry design & social innovation and Permaculture design by the founders of DRIFT, Biomimicry3.8 and Holmgren Design and  is one of the teachers of the nexxworks Ignition Bootcamps. Leen has organised bio-inspired innovation sessions and workshops amongst others in San Francisco, Oakland, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Perth, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Athens, Utrecht, Ghent and Brussels.

Think Outside’ [of boxes, paradigms, dominant mental models,…] is central to Leen’s work and she deliberately builds bridges between science, business, policy, civil society and arts. In the past, she took bankers and business leaders into the woods, empowered children of the arts academies of Genk to envision the Academy of the Future and moderated several thought-provoking events including the Roundtable of young entrepreneurs with Jeremy Rifkin in 2013, the ‘Food and the City’ public event in Genk with Conceptual artist Koen Van Mechelen and change makers from Detroit in 2015 and the ‘people’ session at the Informed Cities Forum 2016 with Brazilian Graffiti Street artist Mundano in 2016.