Best thing about Biomimicry? It boosts bliss, creativity & innovation!

I have hosted and facilitated many biomimicry workshops for executives from business and the government over the last two years and what strikes me is the positive vibe that spreads through the room when showcasing the many ingenious and life-friendly ways nature has developed to make things, conserve energy and outsmart limits & boundaries. Our sessions are always participatory & experiential – you are invited to experience some of nature’s strategies and reflect on how nature’s networks and systems cascade change.

And even better, recent research from BBC Earth & Berkeley University shows that nature footage inspires significant increases in feelings of  joy, amusement, peacefulness, enthusiasm, awe and curiosity while reducing feelings of tiredness, anxiety and stress (the real happiness project).

And a whole lot of nature images (many of them by Raf Gorissen), film clips and natural artefacts is what you get when you invite us over! So consider hosting a biomimicry workshop to boost bliss, creativity & innovation in your organisation.

(Pics from the nexxworks Ignition Bootcamp Gent, Sept 2017)