Studio Transitio & VITO proudly present CHANGE THE WORLD, CITY BY CITY, a book to fast forward urban sustainability

From 2014 to 2016 a multidisciplinary team of top research experts located in 10 European countries investigated how cities can accelerate the transition to sustainability. They collaborated with local citizens, community workers, entrepreneurs, artists and policy makers and translated some of the most important findings into a change maker’s guide to fast forward urban sustainability.  On a city trip to […]

Next up: the official Press Release of our book Change the World City by City

On June the 19th, our book called Change the World City by City – A Change Maker’s Guide to Fast Forward Sustainability will be launched by an official press release. The book is the result of a co-creative and collaborative research process involving urban change makers, policy makers, community builders, entrepreneurs, artists & researchers and all revenue […]

Next up: the Nexxworks Innovation Bootcamp in Utrecht

Come and join me and many other leaders in innovation to learn about Blockchain, AI, Customer centricity, Design thinking, Biomimicry and many other topics that can fast forward your organisation to the future. The next mind-blowing Nexxworks Innovation Bootcamp will be in Gent in September. You can find more info here.

Studio Transitio is looking for a creative graphic designer for new project

Are you a starting, talented graphic designer with a passion for nature?  Are you an inquisitive soul that likes to explore and understand the smart ways that nature innovates? Can you make beautiful images by computer (see example) about plants, animals, natural systems and technical products? Are you a collaborator with a mission to make the […]

Two books published featuring our research

I was delighted to contribute to two great new books! One on methods for sustainability research published in Australia and one about nature-based solutions and how they contribute to urban sustainability published in Europe. Both books highlight insights that we gained throughout the ARTS project about accelerating transitions to sustainability. But the best one is yet to […]

Nature is better for your health than the health care sector

Our health is under threat. Exhaustion, attention disorders, allergies, chronic illnesses, cancer, burn-out and depression are widespread and on the rise. While techno-economic progress significantly extended our life span, the number of healthy years is declining. Is that what we want? To spend those extra years in dis-ease? With budgets slinking, effective health care is […]

Best thing about Biomimicry? It boosts bliss, creativity & innovation!

I have hosted and facilitated many biomimicry workshops for executives from business and the government over the last two years and what strikes me is the positive vibe that spreads through the room when showcasing the many ingenious and life-friendly ways nature has developed to make things, conserve energy and outsmart limits & boundaries. Our sessions are […]

Studio Transitio @ the Portuguese Environment Agency & Business Council

The Portuguese Environment Agency and Business Council for Sustainable Development are organising an international event in Lisbon on ‘Addressing new skills for sustainability transitions’ in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, Forum for the Future and SAGA agency. Studio Transitio is honoured to be part of such an incredible line up of speakers and will give a […]

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