Building bio-inspired innovation networks – that is the future for business.

Retrospect of 3 weeks collaborating in San Francisco Studio Transitio’s ambition is to be a catalyst in building new innovation networks that promote transformational & regenerative change and support bio-inspired innovation. Together with DrTamsin & Systemic Innovation, Studio Transitio hosted over a dozen biomimicry workshops & presentations in San Francisco and Oakland in April 2017. The Bay is […]

How can we build purposeful, adaptive, evolutionary flourishing organisations? Our interactive, one day workshop at Impact Hub Oakland

Innovation-beyond-the-usual happens when you “think outside ” [not only out-of-the-box but also out-of-the-current-paradigms-and-dominant-mental-models] This literally means going outside to think but also thinking outside of your discipline. In nature, new innovations arise all the time via mutations and recombinations and ecotones – the edges between different ecosystems – are nature’s innovation hotspots. No better way thus to […]

Bringing Bio-Inspiration to San Francisco

Studio Transitio had the unique opportunity to spend a whole month in the world’s innovation walhalla of San Francisco to organise bio-inspiration sessions and workshops. One of the most special sessions with Business Leaders took place in the iconic SF city center. After 2 keynotes, a systems thinking exercise and a bio-inspired practicum session, the CEO’s […]

99.9% of innovation in nature fails. Imagine what your organisation could learn from the 0.1

Some cooperatives have been around for lightyears, thriving on this planet of limited resources, withstanding generations of change and disruption and making more with each generation. There is a lot organisations can learn from nature to become more responsive, adaptive, creative and resilient. In a new book called Teeming, dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker zooms in on superorganisms […]

Visual story of the nexxworks Ignition Bootcamp session by Axelle Vanquaillie

The talented visual strategist Axelle Vanquaillie attended our workshop “Biomimicry: How can nature inspire us to solve problems?” and visualized the content. It is all about thinking outside! Based on the premise that nature is still lightyears ahead of us when it comes to innovation skills, perhaps it can teach us a thing or two? These learnings are […]