How to transition from a degenerative to a regenerative dairy sector?

My talented colleagues from BiomimicryNL were invited by the Dutch Ministry of Economy to explore with pioneers from the field how the dairy sector can become more life-friendly. In other words, how can dairy farms become more beneficial for the animals, the land, the farmers and the consumers. How can farmers add value to the quality of life of consumers, animals and local communities by having a positive impact instead of a negative one on the environment? How can the sector become more adaptive and resilient to deal with social, economic and ecological challenges?

Studio Transitio was honoured to contribute to this innovative learning journey to explore how Life’s Principles, Nature’s master principles for evolutionary success, can help the sector to become more future-fit.

The results of this explorative study have been published in this essay (in Dutch). It is time to rethink the way we produce things and renew, revive and revalue the art of farming. Because farmers are not only producers of food but also important nodes in a circular economy as well as stewards and regenerators of the land they inhabit and the wider environment they are nested in.