New Book out now!

It has been a while in terms of updates… That is because I have been very busy developing a new book and launching a new initiative! More on the initiative later, but in the meantime, take a plunge into NI (Natural Intelligence) and learn how we can shift from degradation into regeneration.

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Here is what Pamela Mang, one of the founders of Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice and author of ‘Regenerative Development and Design, a framework for evolving sustainability‘ wrote about the book:

“Leen Gorissen’s ‘Natural Intelligence’ is chock full of deep wisdom about how we can live and thrive in harmony with our planetary home. And the photos woven throughout remind us that nature is not just intelligent, it is soul-stirringly beautiful. I hope this book is widely recognized for the value it brings. It’s on my ‘recommend’ list.”