Masterclass coming up

On Thursday May 2nd, Studio Transitio will give a masterclass at the UHasselt university for postgraduates in a bio-based & circular economy. Stay tuned if you are interested, another circular economy workshop will be organised in autumn!

Free Lecture @STUK Leuven

Op 25/03 geef ik een gratis lezing over hoe de natuur ons de weg kan wijzen op vlak van innovatie en klimaatadaptatie. Meer info is beschikbaar hier. “Een fascinerend verhaal voor nature lovers, biology geeks, design liefhebbers, klimaatactivisten en alles daartussen.”

Studio Transitio is going off the grid to co-faciliate a learning journey on Regenerative Leadership in the Swedish Woods

The social, ecological and economic crises now upon us are not just a crisis of systems – they are a crisis of spirit too. We have lost connection with our inner and outer nature and more and more, we are realising that degenerative value logics are not supportive of life. Interested to learn how we […]

Studio Transitio will present at European Parliament

Come and join us to explore how Nature-Based Solutions can help us build more sustainable and resilient societies! Healthy ecosystems are the foundation of a sustainable economy and the well-being of society and business. This event aims to highlight opportunities for innovating with nature, using cost-effective and flexible solutions and for developing new partnerships for […]

Studio Transitio @ the Portuguese Environment Agency & Business Council

The Portuguese Environment Agency and Business Council for Sustainable Development are organising an international event in Lisbon on ‘Addressing new skills for sustainability transitions’ in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, Forum for the Future and SAGA agency. Studio Transitio is honoured to be part of such an incredible line up of speakers and will give a […]

Studio Transitio in M-Blad

With the quote “Biomimicry is on the rise”, M-blad, a B2B magazine about innovation, sustainablility and environment, devoted 4 pages to the upcoming field of bio-inspired innovation. The article highlights several interesting business cases and showcases that a shift from learning about nature to learning from nature can boost a company’s innovation success while increasing sustainability. […]

99.9% of innovation in nature fails. Imagine what your organisation could learn from the 0.1

Some cooperatives have been around for lightyears, thriving on this planet of limited resources, withstanding generations of change and disruption and making more with each generation. There is a lot organisations can learn from nature to become more responsive, adaptive, creative and resilient. In a new book called Teeming, dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker zooms in on superorganisms […]