Biomimicry for social innovation

The last decade there has been more change than the last century. Many systems and organisations however, have not yet adapted to the new reality and are thus no longer functioning properly. Yet how should we redesign our organisations so that they are less vulnerable to change and disruption? There are some cooperatives on Earth that […]

How can we build purposeful, adaptive, evolutionary flourishing organisations? Our interactive, one day workshop at Impact Hub Oakland

Innovation-beyond-the-usual happens when you “think outside ” [not only out-of-the-box but also out-of-the-current-paradigms-and-dominant-mental-models] This literally means going outside to think but also thinking outside of your discipline. In nature, new innovations arise all the time via mutations and recombinations and ecotones – the edges between different ecosystems – are nature’s innovation hotspots. No better way thus to […]