Bio-inspired organisational development

e.g. How does nature use simple rules for collective decision making and build collective intelligence?

The networked way of nature is incredibly creative despite obstacles and some of nature’s cooperatives have been around for millions of years – unlocking untapped value and creating more each generation.

The secret for success lies in growing collaboration in flat, bottom up networks that sense and respond to real-time conditions which is far from the control & demand  management style in our organisations. From cells to tissues and organs, from beehives to schools of fish to cities, cooperation is the architect of evolution.

Symbiosis is both potent and infinite and there is lots our human societies can learn from these patterns in nature. “The ants aren’t choking on smug or stuck in traffic and the fungi aren’t counting carbon credits or worrying about the Pacific Garbage Patch. Termites don’t have slums. All have grown and prospered for hundreds of millions of years, through all kinds of radical change – and they have the same biomass we do, or more, and work in teeming cities of tens of millions of individuals, making more with each generation, and enriching the landscapes around them – there is no reason we can’t do it as well.” (Tamsin Woolley-Barker, 2017).

Join us to explore and discover the deep organisational patterns and principles in nature that are the cornerstones for being responsive, adaptive, resilient and flourishing and learn how to apply these to your organisation.