What the world needs right now is regenerative leadership

I was incredibly fortunate to meet Jane Goodall, one of the world’s most regenerative leaders at the Luminus ‘Reasons for hope’ event last Friday. Her hugely inspirational talk left a big impression. She shows that anything is possible and that no one is too small to matter. In fact, we can all become regenerative practitioners. But what exactly is regeneration?

Regeneration is a biological phenomenon that is as old as life itself. It is a process of renewal that leads to a higher order of health, wealth, viability and vitality to ensure the success of not just the next generation but countless generations after that. More health refers to increased vigor or quality of life. More wealth refers to increased richness in terms of resources and life forms. More vitality refers to increased richness in terms of aliveness and more viability refers to increased ableness to stay alive. In short, the core principle of regeneration is therefore leave the world better than you found it.

Regenerative leaders do just that.

Studio Transitio’s mission is to support this shift from degenerative to regenerative value creation.