99.9% of innovation in nature fails. Imagine what your organisation could learn from the 0.1

Some cooperatives have been around for lightyears, thriving on this planet of limited resources, withstanding generations of change and disruption and making more with each generation. There is a lot organisations can learn from nature to become more responsive, adaptive, creative and resilient. In a new book called Teeming, dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker zooms in on superorganisms […]

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Visual story of the nexxworks Ignition Bootcamp session by Axelle Vanquaillie

The talented visual strategist Axelle Vanquaillie attended our workshop “Biomimicry: How can nature inspire us to solve problems?” and visualized the content. It is all about thinking outside! Based on the premise that nature is still lightyears ahead of us when it comes to innovation skills, perhaps it can teach us a thing or two? These learnings are […]

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