Building bio-inspired innovation networks – that is the future for business.

Retrospect of 3 weeks collaborating in San Francisco

Studio Transitio’s ambition is to be a catalyst in building new innovation networks that promote transformational & regenerative change and support bio-inspired innovation. Together with DrTamsin & Systemic Innovation, Studio Transitio hosted over a dozen biomimicry workshops & presentations in San Francisco and Oakland in April 2017. The Bay is the ideal hotspot to catalyse a new business innovation ecosystem that is good for the planet. One that aspires to enable new business models & new organisational formats that are restorative and/or regenerative by design.

We engaged 300+ people and 60+ companies throughout the San Francisco Bay showcasing how nature can inspire innovation, regenerative business models (=doing well by doing good) and organisational development. We worked with start-ups, pioneering social entrepreneurs, organizational development consultants, billion dollar international corporations, conscious technologists, mindfulness teachers and many others.

By collaborating we also learned a lot from each other by combining our expertise in systems & transition thinking, sustainability, organisational development, superorganism strategies, regenerative design & development, nature-based solutions, innovation beyond the usual, new business model thinking and facilitation. And from the wide diversity of participants we gained insights in how to apply bio-inspired patterns, strategies & principles in practice.

Biomimicry for social innovation is a new field pioneering bio-inspired thinking for organisational and business model innovation and development. We believe it brings a unique & inspiring perspective and offers a wide variety of new solutions to help organisations implement SDGs and adapt to the dynamics of change. Our goal is to accelerate the field, so stay tuned & join us in future gatherings!