Guided Nature Exploration Walk in the garden

Next week, I will take a group of curious visitors on an expedition into my garden to share how I redesigned a degraded monoculture of grass into a thriving wildlife hotspot that produces food and ecosystem services with very little work. It is an example of regenerative design, an approach that adds more value than it […]

Studio Transitio is going off the grid to co-faciliate a learning journey on Regenerative Leadership in the Swedish Woods

The social, ecological and economic crises now upon us are not just a crisis of systems – they are a crisis of spirit too. We have lost connection with our inner and outer nature and more and more, we are realising that degenerative value logics are not supportive of life. Interested to learn how we […]

Nature is better for your health than the health care sector

Our health is under threat. Exhaustion, attention disorders, allergies, chronic illnesses, cancer, burn-out and depression are widespread and on the rise. While techno-economic progress significantly extended our life span, the number of healthy years is declining. Is that what we want? To spend those extra years in dis-ease? With budgets slinking, effective health care is […]

Building bio-inspired innovation networks – that is the future for business.

Retrospect of 3 weeks collaborating in San Francisco Studio Transitio’s ambition is to be a catalyst in building new innovation networks that promote transformational & regenerative change and support bio-inspired innovation. Together with DrTamsin & Systemic Innovation, Studio Transitio hosted over a dozen biomimicry workshops & presentations in San Francisco and Oakland in April 2017. The Bay is […]