Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals

Happy to announce that I will give a keynote at the Ecology across Borders Conference organised by the European Ecological Federation in July 2019. If you are interested in eco-innovation and bio-economy, here is a short intro to my presentation:

Mother nature is the undisputed master of continuous experimentation, iteration, organization and ultimately regeneration. She survived the worst of times and thrived in the best of them for 3.8 billion years despite endless disruption, climate changes and meteorite collisions. She knows what works, what lasts and what contributes to the future of life on Earth. What if we would take cues from the natural world to inspire the way we design products, processes, organizational formats and cities? We might learn to become life-friendly and self-renewing right where we are and transform our current degenerative value system into a regenerative one. This may sound like science fiction, but is already happening. In this keynote Leen Gorissen shares with you some of the most advanced thinking and novelties in bio-inspired innovation and regenerative design.

More info about the conference via this link.

Hope to see you there!