First print sold out! Second one and Californian Book Presentation on the way.

Such great news, the first print of our book has already completely sold out and we haven’t even started our promo tour yet! I am so grateful for all the committed people in the world, dedicated to make positive change happen. It will not be easy but

together we can Change the World City by City.

Because we all have a role to play. The future is not something that happens to us, it is the result of what we do in the present. Time to shift from degenerative to regenerative value creation. Time to stop thinking that we are too small to matter. Every choice we make matters: does your action reinforce the past or does it invest in the future? Time to hack the status quo. Business-as-usual is not an option.

We can evolve our capabilities to turn degradation into regeneration. But we will have to rethink how we think, how we show up, how we organise ourselves, how we design and how we collaborate. Time to ask ourselves what is of value and what needs to be done to safeguard that which is of value. For too long we have developed solutions that generated more problems. If we put our brains and hearts together, we can develop solutions that lead to more solutions.

So I invite you to become involved and join the movement for positive change.

Want to learn more? Join the conversation at

Book Passage in Sausalito on October the 22nd.

Boekenbeurs Book Fair in Antwerp on November the 10th.

The exhibition night of the G-STIC Conference in Brussels on November the 29th:

You can access and order the book here.