Guided Nature Exploration Walk in the garden

Next week, I will take a group of curious visitors on an expedition into my garden to share how I redesigned a degraded monoculture of grass into a thriving wildlife hotspot that produces food and ecosystem services with very little work.

It is an example of regenerative design, an approach that adds more value than it takes. By designing like nature and with nature, we are not only restoring nature back to health but producing a whole lot of organic food & herbs in the process, which in turn is good for our health. We have only started about 5 years ago, but the progress is spectacular. It shows that instead of degrading our environment, we can also upgrade it and become a benign part of nature. During the visit, I will share my learnings and lots of interesting facts on what we can learn from nature to improve our designs and organisations. More exploration walks will be coming up in the future.

Regeneration starts at home.