How can we build purposeful, adaptive, evolutionary flourishing organisations? Our interactive, one day workshop at Impact Hub Oakland

Innovation-beyond-the-usual happens when you “think outside ” [not only out-of-the-box but also out-of-the-current-paradigms-and-dominant-mental-models]

This literally means going outside to think but also thinking outside of your discipline. In nature, new innovations arise all the time via mutations and recombinations and ecotones – the edges between different ecosystems – are nature’s innovation hotspots.

No better way thus to bring together diverse perspectives to cross-pollinate and forward the thinking on how to build meaningful and future-fit organisations. And we were blessed with a great and diverse set of knowledgeable Bay area participants in our one-day workshop encompassing impact entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Add Innovation Biologists and Systemic Innovation experts to the mix to go deep and learn about building collective intelligence, simple rules for self-organisation, building reciprocal networks, adaptive teams and resilient organisations… Diversity is the key to innovation.

Purposeful, adaptive, evolutionary flourishing organisations are better fit to deal with the dynamics of change and disruption because they unlock and empower the talents of their employees as a continu source of innovation.

Fond memories of a great day!