A garden field trip and guided nature walk

Nature not only makes us more relaxed, energised and healthier, she makes us smarter too. In June, I took a bunch of lovely ladies out to explore our garden ecosystem and to share the ingenious ways in which nature works. We zoomed in on some of the deep strategies in nature that have been successful for […]

European Environment Agency – In transition: Can humans become a benign part of nature?

Studio Transitio was invited to facilitate an inspiring away day for the Natural Systems and Sustainability Programme of the EEA. We explored a whole new dimension of Nature-based solutions and how policy might support a transition from degenerative to regenerative value creation. It was a great honour to work with such a motivated group of […]

Forbes Top Multinational Performer – Innovating cooling with inspiration from nature

For an innovation trajectory of a large multinational company that is on the Forbes Top Multinational Performers List, Studio Transitio developed a tailored workshop on cooling. Based on extensive research in the ways that nature cools and stays cool, innovators and engineers were inspired to think out of the box and in systems. Because nature cools […]