Regeneration – developing life enhancing solutions

e.g. How can we increase the health, wealth, vitality and viability of the corporate, social and environmental systems that we are embedded in?

Our present way of doing business cannot be sustained over the long haul. It extracts value, erodes our life support system and decreases both health & wealth for the generations to come. Once you understand how life works however, you will see that sustainability is the byproduct of regenerative value creation. Regeneration is a process of renewal that leads to healthier and richer systems with more life, more aliveness and a better capacity to stay alive despite change and disruption.  Together, trees and fungi for example feed an entire ecosystem of organisms, sequester carbon, produce oxygen and regulate the climate. These systems thus not only create local value, they spill value into the wider ecosystem. There is no reason we cannot do this as well: designing buildings, gardens, landscapes and cities that can self-heal, feed the life that feeds them and generate value for the larger ecosystem. This is more than wishful thinking. Many people, projects, initiatives, businesses and governments are already doing this. Ever heard of forest gardens, permaculture farms, restorative agriculture, regenerative development, biophilic design, a factory like a forest, cities producing ecosystem services? Be inspired by examples in thinking and doing of life enhancing solutions and co-reflect on how to shift from degenerative to regenerative value creation. In the end, no business can sustain itself in a failing world.